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My backyard is the gate to my spacetime – the Universe at the moment of my lifetime. Almost all my ideas were initially born and checked at this gate and released into the spacetime, the contemporary Universe… via internet…

Is it necessary to interpret my simple backyard activity and gardening such a tremendous, universal way? Is it really so important? I believe so. We haven’t had an engineering way to assess the importance of a space or time instance yet, but philosophically and theologically, even physically, we do not have any doubts about that. Here is my point of view at spacetime.

As soon as I received the Structural Harmony Chart (October 2007), I have seen the similarity between it and a segment of DNA and have questioned myself: can it be true? And if yes, how can it be explained?
I have found the beginning of explanation in Genesis: the water cycle has existed from the very first drop of water on Earth due to rotation of the planet. Every single day liquid water evaporates from a surface with temperature increase consuming huge amount of energy, creates clouds, moves around, then saturated water vapor condensates with temperature decrease, precipitating as a dew or rain, releasing the latent heat… Is any relation to my backyard? Not yet. The same water, being a perfect solvent, has dissolved rocks since their first touch ever. Mineralization has naturally increased every moment… decreasing the rate of the water cycle because clean water evaporates and condensates faster. The energy involved in the water and matter cycles is huge, so the temperature increase and decrease means global swinging of atmosphere and ocean, the tectonic plates and continents movements, volcanoes activity increase, etc. This has happened globally, again not in my backyard… To keep the concentration of water in ocean at the certain level providing the stable hydrospheric conditions via the water cycle rate, it is necessary to allocate the excessive substances correspondingly… So, life was generated as the allocating mechanism for the excessive loads of the mineral matter into the ocean?!... Why not? It has to be the very first record in our DNA…

Thus, biota was designed to keep the balance, equilibrium between clean and dirty (mineralized) water allocating the dirty one inside biota. Including us or not? Yes, we are the certain part of biota and evolution; we keep all memories and knowledge of the evolution’s sustainable way in our genes. Unlike all another biota we have choice: to be or not to be the non-creative animal? We are designed to understand this and re-create the “heaven”, the harmony, according to our universal knowledge and need. We, all together as a mankind and each person individually, represent an open system within the globe and Universe system… Do you know that all known diseases are from our own micro-biota and parasites?

This is about a backyard now: everyone is a creator using this knowledge about the absorbing capacity of vegetation and biota (itself): keep your own waste, chemical and water cycle under your own control. You have to re-create the harmony in harmony with Mother Nature (mother is mother: she always helps). Change your attitude to the weeds (everything has its own reason/function/destiny): the most unbeatable ones are the most absorbing plants. I do not suggest stopping to control them, quit opposite, use them keeping control! Get your home made daily or seasonal remedies and vitamins from them! I do the dandelion syrup from these flowers instead throwing them away. In this form I use it as the booster of the immune system, the anemia cure, nice desert… I do the alcohol tincture and a popular nova day beverage with the greater celandine. What do you know about dandelions (Teraxacum officinale) and the other weeds in your backyard such as plantains (Plantago)? Have you ever thought how many species of plants including weeds do you have in your backyard? I have started to count and to figure out how really bad or good for me they are. There is the list of some of them (I’ve just started):
Trees: apple, pear, acacia, spruce, ash, hazelnut.
Shrubs: for decoration - rose, lilac, kind of «жимолость»; for use – redcurrant (berries), blackcurrant (leaves and berries), and raspberry (leaves and berries), grapes (leaves and berries).
Annually planted vegetables: tomatoes, cucumbers, lettuce, chard, dill, marigold (calendula), edible chrysanthemums.
Perennial herbs, flowers and berries: strawberry, rhubarb, bear’s garlic, Greek and Italian oregano, rosemary, sage, lemon and pepper mint, parsley, lily of the valley, violet.

I left weeds for the further investigation because they need to be identified first. So far I identified three of them already mentioned above: dandelions, plantains, and greater celandine. Lot of them I do not know at all.

Thus, plants are the biggest holders and transformers of dissolved matter and energy consumers into clean water for cycle and food to all other kinds of biota (matter holders) in the process of temperature control at any particular place. All biota, including us, absorbs matter (including contamination and pollution) naturally, that is why Mother Nature does not know the waste problem. Waste management and consumption processes are the same in nature. There are only those creatures survive in the evolution process, which take proper care of vegetation: they have created a stable multi-million years symbiotic flora-fauna pares and communities. Being gifted with the divine spark, we are the latest product of evolution, which gives us not only power of creativity, but high responsibility for the harmony on our planet… maybe in the Universe… We invented money as the cost-equivalent of everything dreaming to possess the planet and the Universe. Should we start from our own backyard, health and happiness?...

The Structural Harmony Chart is your local DNA (knowledge-memory record) characterizing the structure of hydrosphere at your backyard:  you can regulate its shape through the dew and interception creating a kind of balanced eco-system with the minimum energy spending and snow storage capacity control. What is the possible result of your regulation? Maybe tornado won’t touch your house… Do not forget that raccoon, opossum, skunk, rat, mice, even coyote and bear are the part of your system…

We should not eat the apple offered by the snake because it is just promising something… We have to do it on time, when the knowledge is ripe…


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