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Rimma Vedom
Hydrology and Environment

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  Environmental Control Program at Sheridan College (2005) ,
Air Pollution Prevention
Occupational Health & Safety
Sampling and Analysis
Environmental Regulations
Environmental Site Assessment
Water and Wastewater Treatment
Waste Management
Environmental Lab
Environmental Project (The Fletcher's Creek Project)
  Passed the following exams for PEO license as the Environmental Engineer:
Environmental Chemistry                                      98-Env-A3 (2004)
Environmental Impact & Risk Assessment       98-Env-A6 (2004)
Engineering Economics                                        98-CS-1 (2002)
  International Environmental Standard ISO 14001 (EMS) and ISO 14040 (Life Cycle Assessment),
Pilot Performance Resources Management Inc.,
Brampton, Canada
Estonian Polytechnic University, Tallinn, Estonia

Doctoral course: "Global regularity of the river runoff adjustment by lakes"
Awarded Ph.D.
State Hydrological Institute of Russia,
St. Petersburg, Russia

  Training course on the Hydrological Modeling System (IHMS-HBV model)
Swedish Meteorological and Hydrological Institute, Norrkopping, Sweden
  Training course for the Belgian System of Hydrological Databank Creation and Management
Belgian Royal Meteorological Institute, Belgium
  Post-Graduate Course "The Low-Flow of the Lake Rivers"
Awarded M. Sc. in Hydrology
Leningrad Hydrometeorological Institute, Hydrological Department, Russia
  Designing computer database for hydrological network equipment
Tallinn Polytechnic Institute, Estonia
  Contemporary Problems of Scientific Hydrology
State Lomonosov University, Russia

Full Course in Surface Hydrology, “Snow melting calculations for watershed” Awarded M. Eng. in Hydrology
Leningrad Hydrometeorological Institute,
Hydrological Department, Russia


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